Friday, 30 January 2009

Royalties Overdue

Listening To: beats pound the rhythm of the rain?
Watching: My Name Is Earl on c4 catchup. but - and this is important - not on my netbook. bbc iplayer is the only available catchup service that works in linux, as it's purely flash video: nice one, beeb, but a big Boo Hiss to c4 and itv (i'd love to be able to watch Cadfael on my laptop, but it's just not meant to be, Little Derek Jacobi)

i came on here to moan at the internet, in that wit-treading post-humorous, find-the-punchline-if-you-can way that i have, but between starting the aforewritten, intricately-constructed, hyphen-filled sentence and winding my merry way to the conclusion thereof, i forgot what it was that was vexing me.

so, then, to a list:

1) i'm happy about being able to watch AVP2 tonight. yes. yes, i am.
2) i'm thinking of bringing in the phrase post-saying-the-word-post, but i can't decide if the whole thing is one long hyphenated word or an actual phrase. also i believe it's use could be very limited.
3) i used to love twitter, but now the world know about it and jonathon ross is using it, i'm not so sure.
4) i have a 50mm, 1.7 lens and i'm exquisitely happy about it
5) i'm sick of the cold
6) but i like the slightly lighter nights.
7) i got a drum pad midi-interface, but now i have rhythm-block, which i think mighty unfair
8) i've given up red meat, and hope to fade out white meat at some point.

Wondering About: what stephen fry's french accent sounds like to the french
I Wish I Could: be bothered to change the strings on the guitars that i still haven't changed the strings. of. on. er.

i don't know what that last bit of grammar was doing, but it ground itself to a halt, so i think i'll leave it be for a while to catch its breath.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Take 9

life feels very iPod at the moment - by which i mean, shiny, new, interesting, colourful, fun and a little bit hopeful. it's probably the spring under the winter, seeping through.

call me Synesthasia Girl, but it feels iPod to me.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dairy Products And The Art Of Zen

Living On: busy-ness. no time to talk, got Stuff To Do! oh, but i can blog. that's a given. that's part of the Stuff To Do!
Thinking Of: the days getting lighter and not tripping over the dog whilst walking so much.

i had two major boiled-egg-related enlightenments today.

Boiled Egg Thought 1: how can the universe not have an underlying purpose when soft boiled eggs taste so good? the complexities behind this seemingly simple statement are pretty immense.

Boiled Egg Thought 2: why has nobody developed a perfectly-proportioned boiled egg plate complete with two egg cups and just enough room for three slices of toast (and possibly somewhere to put the tops of the eggs)? if i could make this, i think i'd be rich.

to couple BET1, is atheism nihilism?

Pleased: for America for finally getting something right in the eyes of the rest of the world.
But I Wish: he looked less menacing in certain poses. have you noticed? oh, i can't help it, i'm essentially an Aesthetic sort of girl.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Quiet Afternoon

Listening To: my heartbeat in my ear. what's my heart doing in my ear, anyway?
Watching: the dog looking out of the window, which means it's officially afternoon.

i thought linux was meant to be the tech-porn virtual girlfriend of geeks the world over, but apparently what it lacks utterly is a decent, quick and reliable PHP editor. on Windoze i use max's html beauty (don't laugh, it used to have pictures of pretty girls on it, and it has the best syntax highlighting in the world. nuff said.) but on my netbook, all i can seem to find is bluefish, which i can't seem to customise very well - which is to say, i've made the document list appear at the top of the page, and that's about it.

someone needs to write a webcode editor specifically for the small screen needs of netbook users, they'd make a virtual killing (they wouldn't of course, linuxware tends to be free) - and i fear i'm just not enough of a geek to even try.

no, really.

no, really.

in other non-geeky news, oh no, wait - it's all pretty geeky. first, there's my on-going 365 Photos project, which is going quite well, but i have started to get sick of photographing my own house/bedroom/dog - although not so much that i'll actually brave the hideous elements on my own and take more interesting photos. secondly, i made a site for my own music (myspace doesn't count) which is here and i'm really, really proud of it. it also iterates that if my clients would only trust my artistic design sensibilities and uncanny spidey-esque sense of what's fashionable on the internet, i could put them in the right direction. for example, i made that site in about 8 hours, and i think it's standards-compliant, though i could be b@rking up the wrong foldertree there.

anyway, it's blue monday, today. or something. i think it's like Picasso's blue period, but it lasts just one day, so it's probably not like it at all, really. i think it's something to do with no-one having any money (you mean some people sometimes have money?) and it being cold and miserable (you mean there's other weather systems?) etc, but frankly it's toasty in my workspace thanks to my wonderful firemaking skills and i've become used to a world without a concept of currency. by firemaking skills, i mean i've put the fire on, not "i've set fire to the floor" - although it's always an option if i run out of firewood.

i should probably wrap this one up.

in conclusion - +++ geektech paradox encountered in linux +++ out of cheese error +++ redo from start +++ blue monday not inserted, abort/retry/fail? [a] +++

tomorrow, a treatise on why being a nerd is different from being a geek.

I Heart: being able to watch and listen to stuff online for free - it feels so... clean. and... neat. and... free.
Shadow Weighs A Ton(ne): driving down the 101, California here we come...
Spellchecker Says: capitalize your Internet. how odd.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Concept Post

Listening: to my energy return, droplet by droplet - just like the T1000, you know.
Watching: the internet zeitgeist, although it's mostly too fast to see. it'll have changed by the end of this entry.
Suspiciously Straight Face: because i just said "entry". snf, snf, snf.

some killer new original concepts that i should patent soon before someone else steals them:

Courses For Horses - human handling, speed-neighing 101 and postgrad braying for donkeys only.
Twitter My Buns - a separate twitter account for the status of my curiously independant bum, including temperature, position, location and temperament.
Light Emitting Cake - cakes that glow in the dark. this really is a fantastic idea (possibly transmitted into my brain by the Creator on a slow Heaven-ing day) and is backed up with synchronicity - a few days after i'd toyed with the abstract, i saw this on flickr: Light Emitting Donut?

in other news, i'm in the huff with CSS, web standards in general and my own system in particular. argh argh argh.

To Do Blackboard: being proudly carried from room to room and surprisingly (despite blog post distrait) being worked through
Best Bookmark Ever: found last night. it's an ace of spades playing card with an Andrews Liver Salts advertisement on the back: Your Daily "help" -- 50's quotation marks not added for effect.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Engine, She Runs

Listening To: my own laboured breathing. laboured, i tell you.
Watching: the landing light flicker. or, possibly flickr. but i doubt it, as i've never seen it with a camera.

i think i will have the flu forever. i think i've become Flu-girl. i've had this strange sub-power (like a super-power but less fun) of flueyness for a month on and off, and i'm well fed up. it's sapping my funniness. also my general sense of self. i mean, who was i before this virus? was i ever not thus? am i just a collection of memories? in that case, i definitely paid too much for my broadband this month.*

anyhoo, this entry could very well have been titled "notes from a small island... of germs!!! mwahahahaha!!!!!" - but we have Xine for that.


*ah, plagarism - the last refuge of a flu-ridden comedien(ne). thank you mr. konigsberg. thank you.

Best Advertisment Of The Hour: "wil je een magneet zijn voor sexy vrouwen?" i was tempted to google translate, but i'd rather let the mystery be.
Interesting Phobia Uncovered: dendraphobia. the fear of trees, or the forest. thanks, wikipedia!