Thursday, 19 March 2009

Blog As You Go

Listening To: the TV in Coco V's, Newcastle.

you know, if you were in Coco V's, Newcastle, UK right now, you could watch me blog this. luckily, my readership is probably still on its way home from work, so i'm immune to blog-stalkers. although it does raise one of the many concerns about the rise of GPS-related information services.

anyway. nouveau geek-culture thought for today: can everything be expressed in terms of Version Control Numbering? like, this sentence brings this blog entry to v0.65b - Beta, because i may change this entry in the future, but intend to make it live to the public whilst acknowledging that it may contain flaws.

my hair: bethHair v3.0(b?).

hm. i think possibly working out what constitutes a full version change would take too much time and effort to implement such a grand philosophy, though technically it is possible.

did sartre feel this way when he was defining the theory of archetypes?

Abusing: the HSPDA network to look at lolCats on the go. how times have changed.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Cycling Trivialities

Listening To: #anguaji_mouse rustle his newspaper at me irritably whilst waiting for me to finish on the computer.

i haven't updated for a while. this is due to many factors, the least of which was losing faith in a previously unheard-of quantity of humanity. but that's not important. the greatest things keeping me from detailing the minutae of my monochrome postmodern life were:

1) Sky+ installation
2) #anguaji_mouse fixation

re: bullet point 1 - this is the best thing to happen to the household since... well, since ever. unfortunately, we've never had sky tv at all while the rest of the world has long-since grown weary of its repetitive programming. this has meant i've had to catch up on 20 years of missed broadcasting. it's led to rediscovering M*A*S*H. bliss.

re: bullet point 2 - it all started out with a random nibbling sound. it escalated to paper rustling. i have a mouse somewhere in my teeny (but immensely cluttered) bedroom. i sleep on the floor. this is an awful situation, especially when you consider that i'm the biggest animal softie in the world, and can't bear to catch a mouse in a snap-trap, but the little bugger keeps avoiding the live trap, and persists in taking part in all-night rustling sessions with #landing_mouse.

it's gone beyond fixation, though. i'm trying to plug #anguaji_mouse as the next chuck norris. it could happen. and it could happen to #anguaji_mouse.

#anguaji_mouse doesn't read books. he just stares them down until they give him the information he needs.