Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Twitter Poems

to celebrate my 1,000th tweet just now, why not feast on some lovely twitter magnet poems what i wrote:

Open Eye
after life & desire /
who are we most spun for? /
i, she - wear, devour. /
spat out like our home.

slow down, boy. /
we satisfied all their bestial dances /
we - naked, /
as if from a ferocious, quiet blaze.

the ocean will say /
the godflower is most like you. /
i do gaze, but soft breeze-clouds /
are blind from above.

please excuse the whole "spat out like our home" debacle, as twittermagnet really wasn't giving me anything more fruity. i've been musing on these as i'm a little bit proud of them, and thinking to myself, how much of these words are my own? but the poetry of it sounds like me, so clearly i'm irrepressible. or maybe i just happen to think like twittermagnets.

in further celebration of mentioned twitter landmark, i shall now drink this mug of tea, which i feel i have been tweeting about often and consistently for many months now. omnom.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Koyal (Songbird)

Listening To: the muggy night setting in behind me, instead of in front of me.

it's funny how, when things change, it always seems to happen so suddenly. technically, everything is changing all the time but i guess you have to really sit still to notice it.

but when you strive for change against the grain, don't you notice every single step? for me recently it's been changing the bedroom (let's be honest, it's more of a nest, really) layout around. but the hassle of changing this most supreme space has been mirrored in the equally tasking changing-the-rest-of-my-life. i told myself i wouldn't be ruled by the seasons this year, but it's hard not to feel motivated by spring...

the main bedroomchangeexperience motivation was reducing the #anguaji_mouse terror threat. it's strange, for all the noise he made, i only found a couple of signs of habitation. a chewed shoe here, a filled-out crossword puzzle there, the butt of a tiny mouse-sized cigarette stubbed out under the wardrobe... the natural world is a truly amazing place.

so no more #anguaji_mouse saga. truly, i think i should Saga it. in runes, and throat-chanting.

thanks to new layout, my exercise bike gets a good look-in once again. i think possibly i may be the only person in the world to exercise to The Lord Of The Rings audio book. very theraputic, it's the only thing that can replace Radio 4's the News Quiz (with the fantastico Sandi Toksvig) to cycle to. even when i work out, i Geek. it's in the blood.

actually, this audio book has been floating around my life for months and months now, mostly because i either work-out to it in short bursts, or listen to it in bed (i.e. while falling asleep). lately, i've been worrying about it finishing and what would i replace it with, in a macrocosm of human fear-of-death psychology, but a more pressing problem has manifested itself. we're up to the Two Towers and the narrator's Gollum sounds a lot like Zippy from Rainbow. frankly, i've had to skip the entire 4th book so the whole affair can wrap up with some dignity, but i'm dreading the final scenes in mount doom.

the rest of my time has been spent significantly avoiding my one-photo-a-day project, venn diagrams shaped like willies (and later - much, much worse), PSPs and the custom firmwares thereof, Cosina AF35s, retro gaming on the go, getting fux0red on eBay (twice) and drawing on whiteboards, blackboards and various other boards.

i currently have no plans to end this blog entry with a trite conclusion.

Watching: i'll tell you what i'm not watching. The Watchmen. i just finished the comic, and their custodes can custodiet themselves, thank you so very much.
Playing: at being the UberGeek, and winning.
Excited About: "hacker spaces". killer concept.
Worried About: personal ratio of musician-to-geek falling, entering into uncool territory. should gig soon and bring everything back to normal again.

[edit: friendNick just pointed out that George could be Legolas*, and we could spin an entire Rainbow-meets-? series out of this genre-melding. nice work, friendNick!]

* George would obviously be Frodo, though, Bungle would be Boromoir and Fred would have to be Aragorn. Rod and Jane? Faramir and Eowyn. obviously.