Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Rio Bravo

Listening to: the sound of my skin wrinkling with all of these lovely hot baths - you haven't lived until you convert from coal-fire water heating to a combi boiler. Seriously.

Watching: the busy traffic rush, rush, rush outside my - brand new double-glazed - window. I've moved out - I am now officially on the road to skintsville by way of a beautiful, 2 bedroomed flat in a studenty suburb of a generic northern city.

So, strangely, I have nothing in particular to blog about, despite being knee-deep in popular satirical-commentary style topics; council taxes, television licenses, snooping landlords, tescos... In fact, life is so strange and even and mellow that I've found little to seriously complain about. Which is what a blog is all about, right? Well, ok, not necessarily. But often.

While I drum up some blogspiration (ho, ho), amuse yourself by leaving me a witty comment. Go on, don't be shy.