Tuesday, 26 May 2009

yesterday i noticed a fluffy dandelion seed on my jeans.

i felt used.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Scratch (or "Humans Optional")

Listening To: the loudest laptop fan in the world.

the killer of all working fortnights has been stopping me from blogging recently. i've found the time to tweet of course, but had i let myself get involved in a more lengthy creative-writing exercise, i may have wandered into extreme anti-humanist areas, tangent-wise.

the cause: my beloved BigPoot* has been virused and malwared and everything-elsewared. so i've fallen into this strange cycle of mistrust with it. i won't let it online. i won't even let it on the network. which has of course led to quite hard working conditions for this net developer... in the first week of this hellish crisis, what time wasn't idled away in front of Malware Bytes running in safe mode was spent feverishly trying to keep my non-nicotined cool and refraining from ramming the spare usb wireless dongle up my Compaq laptop's arse. yes, in a house full of theoretical computers, the actual tally ran as follows, midweek:

1 x BigPoot - wheezing, looking peaky and moaning softly to itself whilst mumbling under its breath/rocking side to side

1 x HP/Compaq Presario F500 with a tendency to giggle at nothing and no working internal wireless card thanks to a hardware failure outside of warranty. this could be fixed if only the bloody thing had a PCI express card slot, but Compaq didn't think this would be needed in a laptop. and the touchpad gives me RSI, too. who knew?

1 x nifty netbook, plucky in attitude with a fine and dandy wireless connection and super-duper battery life, but running linux-linpus lite on a tiny screen and keyboard, so not very pleasing development environment

1 x usb dongle (more of a tease than an actual working peripheral)

so last week i kinda snapped a little and splurged (awful word) on a newold Sony Vaio. it's a cutie S5M/S from a few years ago, and although it has a terrible habit of running exquisitely hot, it's welcomed into the fold like a stray bantam under a broody hen's - er - well, whatever it is that bantams nestle under for warmth, i guess.

in other news... there's been no other news. i've been hiding in my Hobbit Hole for a good few weeks and i must say, i'm starting to enjoy my own company a lot more than seeing people who aren't in my head at the moment. yes, i think i can finally chalk myself up as an official recluse. give me my wireless network, my guitar, my dog and (preferably flat) ground to walk him on, and i am a happy woman.

Trying To Concentrate On: technology trends, learning the bamboo flute, exercise and my new moleskine
Trying To Ignore: the socialite screaming to be let out in my psyche
Baffling: Google's Chrome shipping without spelling-dictionary knowledge of the word "blogging".